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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer, smart phone or tablet when you visit a website. The files can have a number of purposes, in example: cookies enable some website features to function correctly, they can store information about the user to enable a personalised experience when using the website, they can enable faster loading of the website in the future, they can enable the web developer to monitor use of the website (e.g. the number of visits the website is getting, what pages are popular).

It is generally recommended that cookies are ‘enabled’ (allowed) to ensure websites display correctly and function as intended; giving the user the best possible experience. As such, website browsers are usually automatically setup to allow cookies from safe sources. It is possible to ‘disable’ (disallow) cookies through web browsers in their options.

PPM website cookies

The PPM website only uses cookies to enable the website to function correctly and to enable us to monitor general website use (in example, which pages are popular). If cookies are disabled on your device, it may affect your browsing and shopping experience on the website.

The cookies on this site are safe and do NOT store personal information or payment/card details, and do NOT give us access to your computer or the device being used.

The website uses mandatory cookies to display the website correctly and allow it to function correctly. The Third party components used on the website are listed below.

– Google Analytics

Google Analytics use cookies to collect data on how the website is used, in example how many people are using the website and how they move around the site once they’ve arrived.  No personal data is stored and website users cannot be identified.  The cookies help us to improve the user experience by monitoring which pages are unpopular and working to improve them.  PPM cannot be held responsible or liable for any third party components or cookies.

Managing cookies

The cookies on this website enable the website to function correctly and, if disabled, may affect your experience.  To enable or disable cookies, please open your browser window and amend the options as desired. It is possible to do this, in most browsers, by clicking on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Options’ or ‘Internet Options’. The option can then be altered in the Privacy section/tab. For more information, please click on ‘Help’ in your browser window or consult your product documentation.